Re: Last call for NEWS entries for 0.31

Subject: Re: Last call for NEWS entries for 0.31

Date: Tue, 01 Sep 2020 10:19:37 -0300

To: Dan Čermák


From: David Bremner

Dan Čermák <> writes:

> Hi David,
> David Bremner <> writes:
>> David Bremner <> writes:
>>> David Bremner <> writes:
>>> I've sent a couple of patches [1] for things that stood out to
>>> me. Please send me anything you think I missed ASAP; I'd like to release
>>> the (hopefully) final release candidate tommorow.
>> I've tagged 0.31~rc2, and uploaded to and debian
>> experimental.
> I have started seeing consistent test failures with rc2 on ppc64 and
> ppc64le:
> - on both platforms "get total messages with closed database" from
>   T568-lib-thread fails

I don't see this failure on ppc64el on Debian [0]. Perhaps there is some
toolchain difference?

> - on ppc64 "comparing existing to exported symbols" from
>   T360-symbol-hiding fails as well

This is more-or-less known [1]. The problem is that ppc64 reports
defined functions as 'D' in nm output. At least on ELF architectures,
readelf -Ws is more reliable. How many people would using readelf break
things for? Currently the test does not run on macOS, afaik.

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