Re: [PATCH] test: remove --root option and fix TMP_DIRECTORY cleanup

Subject: Re: [PATCH] test: remove --root option and fix TMP_DIRECTORY cleanup

Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2017 12:02:24 -0300

To: Jani Nikula, Jani Nikula,


From: David Bremner

Jani Nikula <> writes:

> The primary motivation here is to fix TMP_DIRECTORY cleanup prior to
> running each test when the current working directory is not the test
> subdirectory. Tests with failures would leave their TMP_DIRECTORY
> directory behind for debugging, and repeated out-of-tree test runs
> would have old temp directories. (This lead to e.g.
> hanging because emacs would prompt for overwriting files.)
> We remove the likely anyway defunct --root test option while at it,
> just to be on the safe side when doing 'rm -rf' on the TMP_DIRECTORY.

This seems to fix the problem I reported, however applying

on top breaks

      ./devel/ test

I get lots of errors along the lines of

      Error opening database at
      /tmp/tmp.GD3HPpejbL/test/tmp.T350-crypto/mail/.notmuch: No such
      file or directory

So this patch seems to unbreak in-tree builds (and out of tree builds
where we copy the whole test hierarchy), and is probably worth applying
as is, but I wanted to give you a chance to respond before I proceed.


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