Re: web interface to notmuch

Subject: Re: web interface to notmuch

Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2017 00:24:17 -0400

To: Brian Sniffen, Vladimir Panteleev, Jani Nikula, Matthew Lear,


From: Daniel Kahn Gillmor

On Fri 2017-10-27 00:04:21 -0400, Brian Sniffen wrote:
> Thanks!  The part I'm happiest about is the speed:

amen, it feels very lightweight.

> Very careful examination would have shown that the em-dashes between
> author and subject were red for matches.  Now matches are in italics.

cool.  perhaps assigning a class to those elements and stashing some CSS
would make that easier for folks to experiment with (and probably reduce
the bytecount transfered)?

or would that hurt the rendering time for some reason i'm unaware of?  i
haven't thought about these mechanics as much as you have.

> Yup.  The thread object isn't accessible by then: it existed in the
> scope of the search query, and is gone by the time we show the message.
> get_replies isn't available.  So what's the alternative?
> get_thread_id(), search for that thread id, identify this message *in*
> that thread id, and then link to the next message with a "next" link?
> While doing it, why not show the thread structure at the bottom of the
> message, I guess.

yep, i think that's right.

> With bleach integrated (all of five lines), I think this is safe enough
> to let random notmuch users run it.  The worst they'll do is expose
> their mailstore on tcp/8080.  Any interest in taking this into the
> upstream contrib directory?

Yes, i think this should move into contrib/ upstream.  And we should
think about what might be the appropriate way to package it for debian,

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