Re: web interface to notmuch

Subject: Re: web interface to notmuch

Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2017 17:25:03 -0400

To: Brian Sniffen, Vladimir Panteleev, Jani Nikula, Matthew Lear,


From: Daniel Kahn Gillmor

On Wed 2017-10-25 18:03:01 -0400, Brian Sniffen wrote:
> That's inspiring!  Now there's a demo of nmweb at

this is very nice, Brian.

Your URL highlighter seems a bit trigger-happy though:

I don't think bremner was trying to link to !

> It's possible to get it to dump the whole mbox by clicking through the
> obvious links; please consider exploring at
> instead.

this is interesting because it shows me threads where some messages have
monkey in them, but i can't tell which messages actually have the
relevant search term.  Maybe it could highlight the found messages?

Also, once i'm looking at one message, i don't see an easy way to go
"next" in the thread.

see: you show off a cool trick, you get requests for more cool tricks :)

> There are not many monkeys in the inbox.

speak for your own inbox, please.

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