Re: [PATCH] WIP: sort top level messages in thread

Subject: Re: [PATCH] WIP: sort top level messages in thread

Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2018 15:44:07 +0200



From: Gregor Zattler

Hi David,
* David Bremner <> [2018-08-26; 22:53]:
> this needs a test, and  memory de-allocation of the replaced
> lists. Currently it creates a fair amount of garbage.
> ---

> Sorry for the lack of reply, some vacation intervened.

Thanks, hope it was relaxing.

> Can you test
> this patch? I think it fixes the second thread also.

The patch applied cleanly on top of the others (which I use
regularly with no problems) and fixed the threading order problem
in the two test cases I send you.  Other RT-emails are also
ordered nicely now.

Thanks for this patch, I'll also use it regularly.


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