Re: macOS and go language bindings

Subject: Re: macOS and go language bindings

Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2023 11:19:30 -0800

To: Peter Lawrence,


From: Carl Worth

On Sun, Nov 19 2023, Peter Lawrence wrote:
> Hi.

Hi Peter!

>     I'm trying to build an email client (aerc) with support for notmuch
> on macOS. aerc is written in go. I can't find an aerc package for brew
> which includes notmuch headers/library files.  Where can I get these
> language bindings and how do I "install" them, or where do I place them
> in the aerc source directory to get the notmuch library built and then
> accessible to aerc?

I don't have much direct experience with either macOS nor the Go
language bindings to notmuch, but I'll see how far I can get in
answering your questions.

The Go bindings for notmuch are in the contrib/go directory of the
source distribution which you can get from the latest source release

Or via git:

	git clone

There's a brief README and a Makefile in the contrib/go directory, but
I'm not exactly clear on how things are supposed to work.

When I type "make" the first command it runs is "go install notmuch"
which fails as follows:

$ go install notmuch
go: 'go install' requires a version when current directory is not in a module
	Try 'go install notmuch@latest' to install the latest version

The advice from the error message doesn't help much:

$ go install notmuch@latest
go: notmuch@latest: malformed module path "notmuch": missing dot in first path element

I'm guessing someone who knows even a tiny bit about go modules might be
able to explain what's needed here, so we can fix the Makefile to
actually work?

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