Re: macOS and go language bindings

Subject: Re: macOS and go language bindings

Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2023 13:38:09 -0800

To: Peter Lawrence,


From: Carl Worth

On Tue, Nov 21 2023, Peter Lawrence wrote:
> Thanks for the feedback, Carl!

No problem. I'm glad you were able to push even a little past what I was
able to do.

> I have a feeling now that this isn't just a macOS issue, but possibly a
> broader issue that would effect anyone using a newer version of Go.

Quite likely, yes!

> I am guessing that the go compiler (mine is at 1.20.8) doesn't like the
> source in notmuch.go. This may have been written a while ago?

Yes, definitely. The last non-trivial commit to contrib/go was in May
2015 (!).

> I'm definitely over my head in the Go world at this point.

That's OK. Let's look at the bright side. You also might be the most
experienced one here at the moment.

> I wonder if anyone proficient with Go might know how to get the source
> to build against a Go 1.20+ version?

It might be useful at this point to seek some porting advice from a
go-specific channel of one form or another.

If you're able to make some progress, we'll obviously gladly accept
patches that you develop to improve the Go binding within notmuch!


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