Re: Internal error: Message without type term

Subject: Re: Internal error: Message without type term

Date: Mon, 03 Jul 2023 14:26:03 +0200

To: Peter P.


From: David Bremner

"Peter P." <> writes:

> I ran xapian-check on ~/.notmuch/xapian and include its messages below at the
> end of this mail. Everyone please forgive me for pasting 1121 there. :)

H'mm. It doesn't look familiar to me, but I will check with xapian
experts to see if the failure mode is known/fixable. I'd guess probably
not fixable.

>> 2)  Move the database out of the way, re-run notmuch new,
>> and restore your state using "notmuch restore < notmuch-db.txt"
> I'd be fine regenerating the entire database without a backup dump even,
> I don't think there is anything in there that can't be regernerated,
> no?

The main thing that would be lost is tags that are not synched to
maildir flags. In the "standard" workflow "inbox" is such a tag.

> How could I move the existing database out of the way? I have the
> following files in notmuch's directory:
> ~/.notmuch/xapian$ ls -1
> 	flintlock
> 	iamglass


$ mv ~/.notmuch/xapian ~/.notmuch/xapian.bak

(assuming that partition has space)

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