Notmuch scripts (again), now with more usenet

Subject: Notmuch scripts (again), now with more usenet

Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2012 07:01:56 +0200




Hello, for quite some time my set of scripts just lied in my repo and
waited for polish before release. So tonight I finally managed to update
the docs, remove old stuff, rewrite some unfortunate things etc.

One notable addition is slrn2maildir script which can convert NNTP
spool, eg. gmane mailing lists or blogs, as fetched by slrnpull to
maildir format. This way you can follow plethora of mailing lists
without subscribing, any blog that publishes full atom/rss feed or
usenet newsgroup.

For details see the readme:
or check out the code:
  bzr branch

I hope it's now in the form acceptable for inclusion to contrib.
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