Re: announce: my fork of alot

Subject: Re: announce: my fork of alot

Date: Mon, 17 May 2021 14:55:57 +0200

To: Johannes Larsen,


From: Anton Khirnov

Quoting Johannes Larsen (2021-05-17 14:32:12)
> 2021-05-17 10:54:09, Anton Khirnov <> wrote:
> > Here's my current roadmap:
> Lots if interesting features/fixes!

Of course keep in mind that it's largely a wishlist, so don't expect
these to be done
- at all
- any time soon
- in this order

> >     - commands themselves should probably be synchronous [...] to
> >       prevent races where a later command conflicts with an earlier one
> Yeah, that race condition is a annoyance. Quitting alot helps at least.

Did you actually hit it? I don't think I actually saw it happen more
than a couple times, but even so I'd like to fix it before adding more

> > * running external commands in a separate tmux pane/terminal
> That is a good idea. Quitting the editor and using ";" to temporary
> switching to another buffer (e.g. reading something elsewhere in a
> thread) works, but is a hassle. [vim-dispatch] does something similar
> for e.g. external compilation/tests from the editor, so maybe they
> figured out some indicator for when tmux panes/windows completes.
> [vim-dispath]:

Seems that just periodically polls the pane list, which is suboptimal.
Seems tmux has a 'wait-for' command that could be useful for
implementing this.

> > - properly handle focus switching between the thread tree and message body
> Mapping something to "move toggle" worked okay to switch focus between
> these panes. Was kind of a surprise when scrolling within a message body
> scrolled to the next message though.

Yeah, that's a known bug and I'm sure I'll get to fixing it SomeDay(tm),
since it's rather annoying.

Anton Khirnov
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