FYI: emacs / notmuch-search-edit-search

Subject: FYI: emacs / notmuch-search-edit-search

Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2022 14:09:33 +0200



From: Tomi Ollila

Hi all

I've had this for a while in .emacs.d/notmuch-config.el


(defun notmuch-search-edit-search ()
  "Edit current search"
  (notmuch-search (read-from-minibuffer
		   "Edit search: " notmuch-search-query-string)

(define-key notmuch-search-mode-map "e" #'notmuch-search-edit-search)


It has been very useful for refining one saved search of me -- but today
it was shown been far more useful in a large saved search (one I have
for nmbug), so I eventually thought this is good thing to share.

I also have created commit for that -- and is in my copy of notmuch*.elc
but I have not been running it as the above overwrites it ;/ -- also
before long ago I had last line as 'notmuch-search-oldest-first)) 
which was (obviously) incorrect but did not affect me as I have set
that variable to true (which is also the default, I think).


PS: initial version used notmuch-group-disjunctive-query-string
but it just made it mode complex and usually provided worse
content -- so if one thinks about that don't or think how use
of it can be improved :D
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