Re: [PATCH] zlib-related bugs

Subject: Re: [PATCH] zlib-related bugs

Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2020 17:29:52 +0300



From: Tomi Ollila

On Fri, Apr 10 2020, Olivier Taïbi wrote:

> the following diff addresses 3 zlib-related bugs in notmuch.

> 3) in gz_getline(), if gz_error sets its second argument to Z_STREAM_END
>    then there was no error (only EOF).  Unfortunately the zlib manual is
>    not very clear on the meaning of Z_STREAM_END, but I don't see how it
>    could be an error.  I found this issue by using notmuch on OpenBSD,
>    which has an old zlib.  I encountered other issues with notmuch on
>    OpenBSD (e.g. there is no transparency mode in this older zlib, so
>    notmuch dump output is always gzipped), but they do not seem to be
>    bugs in notmuch.

Interesting. What versions of gmime and xapian are you using with
notmuch on OpenBSD? IIRC(*) xapian 1.4 also wants zlib (but I am not
sure how new one).


(*) I am building notmuch for centos 6 using this script:
  and I've configured xapian to use self-built zlib -- perhans not since
  xapian required, but that the same is used what notmuch(1) uses.
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