Re: [PATCH] completion: remove "setup" from the list of possible completions

Subject: Re: [PATCH] completion: remove "setup" from the list of possible completions

Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2020 00:04:05 +0300

To: Ralph Seichter,


From: Tomi Ollila

On Sat, Jun 20 2020, Ralph Seichter wrote:

> * Tomi Ollila:
>> imo.the completions should primarily provide convenience to the
>> interactive user, to see all possible options (also those
>> seldomly.used) one can use help and namual pages...
> "Can use" being the operative term, not "should have to use". I would
> not want completion to omit certain commands, based on somebody else's
> notion of what is convenient, which in turn forces me to use other means
> of figuring out a seldom-used command I may or may not be aware of.
> If this means entering three characters instead of two, then three
> characters it is. Alternatively, make it a configurable option, with
> "convenient=false" being the default. I vote against the change.
> First world problems... ;-)

Indeed! You're wrong and I am right... ;) unfortunately the margin is too
small and status quo (i.e. what we have now) may prevail.

(well, I haven't even installed the completions -- perhaps I write my own
 zsh completions which will expand 'notmuch s' -> 'notmuch search' ;D) --
 note that I also have no notmuch-* commands in my PATH, so 'notm' expands
 to 'notmuch ' ! \o/ FTW ;)

> -Ralph

Tomi (one random user like all of us)
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