Re: question about deletion and counts

Subject: Re: question about deletion and counts

Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2018 11:01:19 +0100

To: Carl Worth,


From: Jeff Templon

Hi Carl,

Thanks for your answer.

Carl Worth <> writes:

> A file rename is a high-level operation that will be seen by notmuch as
> multiple operations seen over the course of a single run of notmuch
> new:
>   1. A new file is added with a message ID that already exists in the
>      database
>   2. A file is removed with a message ID for which there are multiple
>      files in the database
> But notmuch doesn't detect whether both of these operations are seen in
> a single pass in order to detect a rename. Instead, what it is doing is
> counting every occurence of (2) above as a rename. Here's what the code
> looks like (notmuch-new.c:remove_filename):
>     status = notmuch_database_remove_message (notmuch, path);
> 	add_files_state->renamed_messages++;
> 	if (add_files_state->synchronize_flags == true)
> 	    notmuch_message_maildir_flags_to_tags (message);
>     } else if (status == NOTMUCH_STATUS_SUCCESS) {
> 	add_files_state->removed_messages++;
>     }

Perfect explanation, thanks.

> I suppose you could come up with some other name for what it is
> counting, such as "removals of duplicate messages" instead of "rename",
> but that's what's happening.

Yes, that'd be my suggestion :-) It's one of my personal buttons that
sometimes get pushed "name is misleading".  If you seriously consider
it, I'd suggest "file reassignments" instead of "file renames".  A file
rename to me is

       mv jeff.txt carl.txt

the file was named jeff.txt but was renamed to carl.txt.  The case you
describe, a file with a certain name is either assigned to a messageID,
or de-assigned to that messageID - the actual file name is not changed,
as I understand it.

Anyway thanks for the explanation!  Good that I don't need to worry.

BTW I've got integration between org and notmuch up and running now, I'm
really liking this capability.

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