"notmuch compact" questions

Subject: "notmuch compact" questions

Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2023 21:33:10 +0000

To: notmuch@notmuchmail.org


From: Andy Smith


I'm using v0.31.4 on Debian 11. I have ~3.9 million messages in my
archive and the notmuch database currently takes up 85GiB (though
actually "only" 51GiB due to btrfs zstd:1 compression).

I did remove a few hundred thousand messages from my archive but the
space used by the database did not go down at all.

If I ran "notmuch compact" should I expect any space to be

The manual page says that this builds a new copy of the database and
then switches them over. Does that imply that I will need nearly the
same amount of space again to perform the compact, until it finishes
and the old database is discarded?

The manual page says that the new database is built "in a temporary
directory". Where is that directory exactly? Is it inside the
current notmuch database directory or is it in $TMPDIR? I ask
because it looks like I'll need to make sure that there about 50GiB
of space available wherever that is.

I'm aware that this procedure is going to take a really really long
time. If my machine should crash, or the notmuch process runs out of
memory or something, will my database be left in a functional state?
If I have to reindex it, that is going to take even longer, so I
have to think about how much I want what is probably a very marginal
amount of space back!


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