Repeat last tagging

Subject: Repeat last tagging

Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2021 10:41:58 +0200



From: inwit


While using notmuch in emacs (which I love, thank you so much!!) I was                                                                                         wondering if there's a way to repeat the last tagging operation for a                                                                                          different message or thread.  

My usecase is that, in tree-mode, sometimes I need to tag several emails
from different threads, and it would come very handy if, after the first
tag change, I could use a shortcut (I'd choose '.', as in vim/evil)
which would apply the same tag change to other emails. Does this make
sense?  I know I could perform a search for all the emails that I need
to tag and tag them all at the same time, but the criteria to select
them is usually not obvious. Another option would be to be able to mark
emails, then tag them (I've seen the emacs-region thing, but it's not
the same).

Thanks in advance. And cheers again for the good work!

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