Re: (wrong-type-argument keymapp notmuch-show-mode-map) in emacs on upgrade to notmuch from master

Subject: Re: (wrong-type-argument keymapp notmuch-show-mode-map) in emacs on upgrade to notmuch from master

Date: Wed, 26 May 2021 22:03:42 -0400

To: Notmuch Mail


From: Daniel Kahn Gillmor

On Wed 2021-05-26 21:52:13 -0400, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:
> I'll try downgrading again to see what's replicable, but i'm kind of
> confused by this, as it's been working for years.

I don't have any problem with 0.31.4-1, but the problem is present with
0.32.1-1 from experimental.  In all cases, i'm upgrading notmuch,
libnotmuch*, and elpa-notmuch in lockstep.

Nothing in NEWS between these versions suggests that my way of binding
keys is now deprecated.

I worry that this is due to one of the two following commits but my
elisp-foo is weak enough that i don't know what the right next steps are:

commit adfded9ed0a5a4b06886f462314cd4511cb72d47
Author: Jonas Bernoulli <>
Date:   Mon Nov 16 22:28:42 2020 +0100

    emacs: avoid binding unnamed commands in keymaps
    One should never bind unnamed commands in keymaps because doing that
    makes it needlessly hard for users to change these bindings.
    Replace such anonymous bindings with named commands that are generated
    using macros and some boilerplate. Using macros is better than using a
    simple loop because that makes it possible for `find-function' to find
    the definitions. Eat your boilerplate--it forms character.
    Admittedly this approach is quite ugly and it might be better to teach
    the original commands to support different buffers directly instead of
    requiring wrapper commands to do just that.
    Never-the-less as a short-term solution this is better than what we
    had before.

commit 05a436f730cf6277c403b445bca9419ea89a7b2d
Author: Jonas Bernoulli <>
Date:   Sun Nov 8 20:02:48 2020 +0100

    emacs: don't fset keymaps
    These keymaps are never invoked as commands
    so the function definitions serve no purpose.


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