Re: v4 of repairing Mixed-up mangled MIME messages

Subject: Re: v4 of repairing Mixed-up mangled MIME messages

Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2019 13:54:15 -0400

To: Jameson Graef Rollins, Notmuch Mail


From: Daniel Kahn Gillmor

On Sat 2019-09-14 00:29:40 -0700, Jameson Graef Rollins wrote:
> Can we have notmuch auto-apply a tag, like the "encrypted" and "signed"
> tags, that indicates mail has been mangled in this way?

i don't believe tags are appropriate for this use -- the growing
convention is to use properties for automated notes like this, and you
can see from the series that this is the case:

+	notmuch_message_add_property (message, "index.repaired", "mixedup");

> I'm feeling somewhat morally opposed to just silently fixing mail
> that's been broken by bad/irresponsible actors on the net.  We need to
> keep pushing on MS to fix this issue globally, so I for one would like
> to be reminded if I'm still being affected by this.

you should be able to do that with:

     notmuch search property:index.repaired=mixedup

does that satisfy your concerns?

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