Re: [PATCH] configure: $(CC) -o /dev/null when output not run

Subject: Re: [PATCH] configure: $(CC) -o /dev/null when output not run

Date: Sat, 22 May 2021 08:51:47 -0300

To: Tomi Ollila,


From: David Bremner

Tomi Ollila <> writes:

> When C compilation is used just to see whether compilation
> succeeds, there is no need to write any output file.
> Some compilations in configure already did this.
> Now also rm -f lines are used more consistently.
> While at it reformatted code that prints

no objection in principle, but has anyone tried a compiler other than
gcc to make sure it doesn't puke when writing to /dev/null. Not sure
why it would, but...
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