Re: notmuch.el question: reading all messages in thread

Subject: Re: notmuch.el question: reading all messages in thread

Date: Sun, 26 May 2024 14:31:09 -0300

To: Matt Armstrong,


From: David Bremner

Matt Armstrong <> writes:

> Sometimes a notmuch query matches only a subset of messages in a thread.
> When this happens only that subset of messages will be "open".  Many
> notmuch commands operate on the "open" messages only.  For example: SPC,
> 'n', 'p'.
> Often this is what I want.  It works well when I'm looking for a
> specific piece of information, or when I am interested in reading only
> the unread messages in a long thread that I have seen previously.
> Often this is not what I want.  I'm interested in seeing all messages
> when I am looking for entire conversations where a topic is being
> discussed.  E.g. when I want to re-read a long forgotten thread, or one
> that surfaced through specific search terms that appear only in a few of
> the messages in the thread.

In notmuch-show mode, M-<return> opens all messages. 

> I looked for a way to easily re-query a tree view buffer such that all
> messages in all threads shown are "open" but did not find it.  Does this
> exist?

Not exactly an answer, but maybe this helps someone:

In tree-mode I would suggest using "N" and "P" to ignore the open/closed
status of a message. Or just move using the arrow keys / mouse and hit
return on the message you want to read.

If you really rarely want to the "*-matching-message" versions, then you
could swap the bindings
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