Re: Emacs "notmuch CLI version mismatch"

Subject: Re: Emacs "notmuch CLI version mismatch"

Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2017 17:40:04 -0300

To: david wen riccardi-zhu


From: David Bremner

david wen riccardi-zhu <> writes:

> Thanks so much, David.
>> At a guess, you are using git master of the emacs client (perhaps via
>> melpa, or via some arch git snapshot package), and a released version of
>> the notmuch binary.
> I am using MELPA -- does this mean I should be using git to get the
> binary?

I don't see the advantage of using melpa for notmuch. You need notmuch
binaries, and you want them to match the version of your emacs code. So
wherever you get your notmuch binaries from (whether arch, or building
from source) should also be your source of the notmuch emacs code. But
yes, if you insist on using melpa for notmuch-emacs, you should track
the git versions of the notmuch binaries (at least you should update to
current git whenever you get version mismatch messages from the emacs

>> What is the output of M-x notmuch-hello-versions <return>
> notmuch version 0.24.2

That's very suprising, since it should also print the version of notmuch
emacs mua if it is different from the notmuch version.