STYLE and uncrustify

Subject: STYLE and uncrustify

Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2019 07:58:24 -0300



From: David Bremner

I'm pondering running uncrustify on all/most of the notmuch codebase,
but I noticed a few things that uncrustify does are either not
documented in STYLE, or maybe contradicted.

1) Should block comments start with '*' ? Uncrustify thinks yes, STYLE
   is silent, the codebase says mostly yes.  I think update STYLE to
   match uncrustify here.

2) Should there be a space after '!'? Uncrustify says yes, STYLE is
   silent, the codebase is inconsistent. Updating STYLE would be the
   easy thing here, but I remember previous discussions being

3) Similar for space between '++' and '--' and operand

4) uncrustify wants to move 'const char* foo' to 'const char *foo'.

That's about all I have patience for at the moment.

When I say 'uncrustify', I really mean 'our current uncrustify
config'. I don't know offhand how hard any of these items are to change.

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