Introducing mujmap, a notmuch/JMAP bridge

Subject: Introducing mujmap, a notmuch/JMAP bridge

Date: Mon, 09 May 2022 17:59:14 -0700



From: Eliza Velasquez

Hello notmuch,

I hope this is an appropriate place to announce this! Apologies if not.

I have just released a tool to synchronize notmuch mail with a JMAP
server, i.e. synchronizing tags with keywords and mailboxes. It's very
similar to lieer, which is a tool that does essentially the same but for

I have been using it myself for my own mail with Fastmail, and I am
really enjoying having the richness of notmuch on my desktop and laptop
and still being able to access more or less the same information on my
phone as well.
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