Re: Reimagining notmuch-git/nmbug

Subject: Re: Reimagining notmuch-git/nmbug

Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2023 15:42:52 -0300

To: Felipe Contreras


From: David Bremner

Felipe Contreras <> writes:

> By distributing the files in multiple directories like notmuch-git
> does using BLAKE2b, the operation is much faster.
> I've pushed the changes, now there's a dependency, but you can just
> `gem install blake2b`.
> I'm able to clone the database of the performance corpus in 5 seconds:
> % git clone --bare nm::$PWD/mail mail.git

Indeed that speeds up the initial clone on this machine from 39 minutes
(I switched machines) to 30s. I will play with it a bit more, and report

I had just finished a pretty graph showing nonlinear growth of the old
version, but I guess nobody cares now ;)


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