a temporary nmweb view of notmuch mailing list archive

Subject: a temporary nmweb view of notmuch mailing list archive

Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2018 23:09:35 -0500

To: Notmuch Mail


From: Daniel Kahn Gillmor

Hi all--

I did a bit of experimenting with Brian Sniffen's proposed notmuch-web
branch, and it's now (temporarily) publishing a view of the notmuch
mailing list here:


I DO NOT EXPECT THIS URL TO BE STABLE -- please do not use links to it
in permanent places, this is just for experimentation at the moment.

I'll send a series of patches to the list shortly that include some
cleanup to nmweb, but you can also find them on the nmweb branch at:


I welcome feedback on the public installation!

The outstanding things that i think need to change in the nmbug branch
before i'd be comfortable adopting this are:

 * rely on non-bundled versions of jquery -- we don't want to have to
   maintain them in the notmuch git repo.

 * ensure that the paths are configurable -- the code currently
   hardcodes "/btsmail", which is just a convenience, and also enforces
   that "static/cache" lives inside the directory -- this should be
   separable from the code.

 * the user needs need some easy way to move from message to message (next by
   thread, next by date?)


 * be able to go from message view to thread view

 * the sender name is hyperlinked, but it's a mailto: link.  I think it
   should instead link to a view that shows messages from that person,
   or something like that -- most folks don't have their mailto: set up

and we also need to fix a few things on nmbug:

 * delivering messages with "notmuch insert" (or invoking "notmuch new"
   after message delivery)

 * we need to make sure that the mail archive remains world-readable
   (you might find that the archive disappears -- please ping me on IRC
   if it happens and i'll try to track down how that's happening)

if you try it out, let me know what you think.

Many thanks to Brian Sniffen for getting this rolling.

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