Reusing descriptive sender name when replying

Subject: Reusing descriptive sender name when replying

Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2022 20:14:33 +0100



From: inasprecali

Hello, I have a question which is specifically about the Emacs
frontend, but which could be about notmuch in general.  For your
information, I’m using notmuch 0.31.4 and GNU Emacs 27.1.

When pressing "r" to reply to a message, invoking the function
"notmuch-show-reply-sender", the "From:" address used in the reply
is automatically deduced from the message I’m currently replying
to (looking at the code, it looks like it uses the
notmuch-reply(1) command).  While the address itself is correct,
the "real", descriptive name (the one used before the actual mail
address in angled brackets, apologies if this is not the right
terminology) seems to be always taken from the setting
in the .notmuch-config file, if any.  If it is not set, a
descriptive name is not used at all and the address alone is used.

For example, if we have a message with the following headers:

From: Foo <>
To: Bar <>

the function notmuch-show-reply-sender generates these headers,
assuming that in .notmuch-config is not set:

To: Foo <>

If is set in the main notmuch configuration file, let’s
say to "Baz", I get these initial headers:

From: Baz <>
To: Foo <>

My question is: is it possible to automatically reuse the same
"descriptive" name in the From: header?  I’d like the following to
be automatically generated just by looking at the original message
to be replied to, using the same examples as before.  The To:
header already reuses the same name, as expected.

From: Bar <>
To: Foo <>

Thank you for your time.
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