Re: [PATCH] ruby: improve compilation with CFLAGS

Subject: Re: [PATCH] ruby: improve compilation with CFLAGS

Date: Sat, 22 May 2021 09:24:46 -0300

To: Felipe Contreras,

Cc: Tomi Ollila

From: David Bremner

David Bremner <> writes:

> Felipe Contreras <> writes:
>> The ruby MakeMakefile generates a makefile that is suboptimal, which has
>> CFLAGS like this:
>>   CFLAGS   = $(CCDLFLAGS) -march=x86-64 -mtune=generic \
>>     -O2 -pipe -fno-plt -fPIC $(ARCH_FLAG)
> Ruby 2.7 doesn't seem to add -fno-plt, so this would be a change for
> some people building the ruby bindings. The flag is available from gcc
> 6.x (2016). For clang I guess it is 2017ish. If anyone thinks this is
> too recent of a toolchain dependence, now is your chance to object.

Nobody complained, so I applied this to master.

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