Re: Cannot Start Notmuch (invalid-read-syntax "#")

Subject: Re: Cannot Start Notmuch (invalid-read-syntax "#")

Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2021 15:43:08 -0400

To: David Bremner


From: Charles-André Roy

Hello David,

I have removed and purged the notmuch-emacs package.

elpa-notmuch/stable,now 0.31.4-2 was already installed.

On the Web site, I looked at the pages "Notmuch Emacs
Interface" and "Tips and Tricks".  The only configuration file mentioned
on these pages is ~/.emacs.d/notmuch-config.el

And I agree with you that the backtrace reports a Lisp reading error. I
created an empty ~/.emacs.d/notmuch-config.el, tried to start Notmuch
and it WORKED.  I could see the beautiful notmuch-hello screen again.

I wanted to make sure it was a steady fix.  I closed all my opened Emacs
and started them again.  On the first try I got the same *Backtrace*.
On the second try it worked.  So the fix does not seem too stable.

In one session, does Notmuch en Emacs first try to look at the file in
~/.  On another try, does it skip that step and go directly to the
programme ?  That would also explain why some time ago a small
change in the file made a difference.  The change in the file would not have made the difference but
the second try would.  I wonder ?

I am wondering also how come I did not have a the
~/.emacs.d/notmuch-config.el Notmuch is trying to read.

In trying to solve the problem I deleted the ~/.notmuch-config file.
Notmuch produced the message that it was not setup.  I did the command
"notmuch setup" in a terminal.  It created again the config file that
starts with the character # and placed it in ~/.

C-h a did not show any setup command inside Emacs, how is the
notmuch-config.el file created and what goes in it ?  Is it what I put
about Notmuch in my .emacs file ?

Thank you !


David Bremner <> (Today 12:50) (inbox unread)
Subject: Re: Cannot Start Notmuch (invalid-read-syntax "#")
From: David Bremner <>
To: Charles-André Roy <>
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2021 13:50:22 -0300
part{ ID: 1, Content-type: text/plain
Charles-André Roy <> writes:

> Hello David,
> Thank you for your responses !
> 1. I looked at the load-path variable and the $HOME directory per se is
> not in it.  There are many directories in $HOME/.emacs.d leading to
> packages I have installed.
> 2. I installed notmuch-emacs through the Debian packages
> apt list gives notmuch-emacs/now 0.28.4-1 all  [installé, local]

That is quite old (from buster I guess?). Can you try elpa-notmuch 0.31.4-2
from bullseye?  That version you have of notmuch-emacs should be a dummy package
depending on elpa-notmuch, so safe to remove.

> apt list also gives notmuch/stable,now 0.31.4-2 amd64  [installé]
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