Re: [RFC 0/5] doc: api docs overhaul

Subject: Re: [RFC 0/5] doc: api docs overhaul

Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2021 10:59:03 -0300

To: Jani Nikula,


From: David Bremner

Jani Nikula <> writes:

> I'm afraid I don't have an answer to that. What do projects do when they
> depend on packages from PyPI? It's a kind of chicken and egg problem.

I would say python projects would happily _only_ depend on pypi (witness
the requests to package notmuch for pypi) but we're not such a project.

> I saw that you made the Debian packaging request; many thanks! But is
> that enough?

No, it's actually relatively unlikely that someone will volunteer to
package it. I could do it myself, but I'd be happier if someone more up
on the latest python-in-debian practices would handle it.

> What is your stance on imposing new dependencies on other
> distros?

Well I just did it with sfsexp. My reasoning was that it was for an
optional (for now) new feature, so people were no worse off than
before. It's not quite the same thing here, since there is some API docs
now. I don't know how many people refer to them. A very rough estimate
from Debian [1] is that about 10% of the people who install notmuch also
install libnotmuch-dev, which contains the API docs. I guess most people
would be happy with a Web version of the API docs, which we don't do
now, but which would automagically happen if it was in the sphinx doctree.

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