Re: Emacs and the missing 'g'

Subject: Re: Emacs and the missing 'g'

Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2019 12:34:40 -0800

To: Matt Armstrong, Notmuch Mail


From: Carl Worth

On Tue, Feb 12 2019, Matt Armstrong wrote:
> I'm returning to notmuch after a hiatus.  It is still nice!

Glad to hear it! Welcome back.

> Most notmuch modes are "special" modes -- i.e. their text is generated
> by Emacs and does not reflect a file.  In these modes 'g' has
> traditionally been bound to revert the buffer [1].
> Any objection to also binding 'g'?

I have no opposition to this. I wasn't aware of the convention around
'g' when I first did the thing with '=', but I'd be happy to match that
convention to have notmuch feel more like a well-behaved citizen of the
emacs universe.

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