Re: WIP: filter out envelope headers in notmuch-insert.

Subject: Re: WIP: filter out envelope headers in notmuch-insert.

Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2022 22:15:25 -0400

To: NeilBrown


From: David Bremner

NeilBrown <> writes:

> And on digging into postfix a bit, it seem that when forwarding to a
> program, it *doesn't* quote other "From " lines in the email, so
> splitting up the input would break things.  I wonder if that is a bug...
> the documentation is clear on the details of delivering to a program

It's a least partly "mbox is trainwreck, and they probably don't really
want to do mbox". Imagine a "From " line inside a signed part. But I
really don't know the intent of including a "From " line.

> So it seems... In the case of postfix the sender information is provided
> both in "From " and "Return-Path:", so just stripping "From " would be
> safe.  It is hard to argue against the extra caution of retaining the
> from line in an "X-Envolope-from" though.
> Thanks,
> NeilBrown

Thanks for thinking about these design issues with me.

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