Re: [nongnu] main 385623dca6 2/2: * elpa-packages (notmuch): New package.

Subject: Re: [nongnu] main 385623dca6 2/2: * elpa-packages (notmuch): New package.

Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2022 07:53:13 -0400

To: Sean Whitton,

Cc: Stefan Monnier,

From: David Bremner

Sean Whitton <> writes:

> I know that you don't want to commit notmuch-pkg.el to git, and that's
> in fact undesirable from a NonGNU ELPA point of view, it turns out.  But
> given how there is already version.txt and, could we have a
> header in notmuch.el too, do you think?

The existence of is a bug that we hope to fix soon. It is
used only by the obsolete and deprecated python bindings. Current
bindings (under bindings/python-cffi) use version.txt.

Adding a version header to notmuch.el and maintaining it
semi-automatically in the way is seems more fragile (sed'ing
a file also edited by humans) and more work (the code to generate
notmuch-pkg.el already exists).
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