Re: tagging threads

Subject: Re: tagging threads

Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2023 20:29:34 -0300

To: Jon Fineman,

Cc: Jon Fineman

From: David Bremner

Jon Fineman <> writes:

> I have followed this guide to tag a message/thread for deletion that a
> shell script will then delete.
> <>

Just for the record, "k d" will add the "deleted" tag by default in
search, tree and show mode

> However an unwanted byproduct of tagging the thread is if I have
> tagged (moved) an individual message to another folder, the thread
> tagging will go through all messages and tag those too for deletion.

I don't understand this part. What is the relationship between a thread
and a folder for you?

> Any thoughts on how I might prevent an individual message from being
> tagged by a tag thread action?

You can make some other query that doesn't match the whole thread, then
use * to tag all the messages match that query (perhaps using unthreaded

I don't know a nice UI to do that with a few keystrokes.  I suppose I'd
probably give the message in question a tag:tmp and the search for
tag:tmp and tag:deleted in order to "undelete" it. All of that with the
disclaimer that I don't really understand the problem description.

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