Re: Address Completion in Emacs

Subject: Re: Address Completion in Emacs

Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2023 17:40:28 +0100

To: David Wen Riccardi-Zhu,


From: Sandra Snan

David, I have message-completion-alist set to this value:

  .  notmuch-address-expand-name) 
 ("^\\(Newsgroups\\|Followup-To\\|Posted-To\\|Gcc\\):" . 
 message-expand-group) ("^\\([^ :]*-\\)?\\(To\\|B?Cc\\|From\\):" . 

That way, when I hit tab in the sender field, which is bound to 
message-tab, it'll run notmuch-address-expand-name which can find 
pretty much everyone I've ever heard of.

I additionally have an old BBDB that I've been using for ages that 
I can access with ESC TAB which is set to bbdb-complete-mail but I 
literally only have 16 people in there (I just checked). I use 
them for my most common faves so I can get their most canonical 
address with just a few letters.

As for weeding through the list of candidates, there are packages 
such as orderless and vertico that can enhance all calls to 
completing-read, including the one in notmuch-address-expand-name. 
After using it a while it does a good job at giving me the 
relevantest ones at the top and letting me filter through them 

Corfu and company-mode, I have never heard of! So this is more of 
an answer to the "alternatively" part you asked.


David Wen Riccardi-Zhu <> writes:

> Hello,
> I had working address completion in Emacs with company-mode, but
> recently switched to corfu. Has anyone been able to get address
> completion to work with it?
> Alternatively, I'm wondering how the internal completion style works. Is
> there a function I can call to get internal address completion to kick
> in?
> Lastly, is it possible to remove addresses from the list of candidates?
> I have a few addresses that were consistently recommended even though
> they had typos in them.
> I have this in my config:
> (setq notmuch-address-command 'internal
>   notmuch-address-internal-completion '(sent nil)
>   notmuch-address-save-filename "~/org/contacts/notmuch-contacts"
>   ;; ... 
> )
> Can I manually clean up my notmuch-contacts file? 
> If yes, is it possible to add newlines to the file, to make it easier to
> search and edit?
> Thank you!
> David
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