Re: notmuch_query_add_tag_exclude bug

Subject: Re: notmuch_query_add_tag_exclude bug

Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2018 09:19:41 -0400

To: Justus Winter,


From: David Bremner

Justus Winter <> writes:

> Hi :)
> so I found a weird bug with notmuch_query_add_tag_exclude.  Apparently,
> when I exclude 'spam', and search for 'spam', I still get results, but
> if I exclude 'spam', and search for 'is_a_spam', I get no results, even
> though there are mails tagged with that tag.

I'm not sure I follow you you. Can you try with

    export NOTMUCH_DEBUG_QUERY=yes

and see what the query terms are?

The latter actually sounds legit assuming

    - the excluded messages are tagged spam
    - the query parser is not breaking is_a_spam up, but treating it as
      one term.
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