Re: [PATCH] doc: fix man page build for Sphinx 4.x

Subject: Re: [PATCH] doc: fix man page build for Sphinx 4.x

Date: Wed, 19 May 2021 08:45:19 +0300

To: David Bremner,


From: Jani Nikula

On Tue, 18 May 2021, David Bremner <> wrote:
> Jani Nikula <> writes:
>> The Sphinx documentation on this [1] is confusing, and has the change
>> backwards. Git history says the default changed from False to True.
>> [1]
> Maybe the docs were corrected?
>     Changed in version 4.0: The default is changed to False from True.
                                                     ^^       ^^^^

Were you tricked by the funny word order? I know I was at first. :)

I looked deeper into the rabbit hole, and it really is a mess for such a
small change. They first added the config to create directories man/1
etc. in 3.3. Then they made it the default in 4.0. Then they realized
making it the default was a mistake, and are going to roll it back in
upcoming v4.0.2. Then they realized the directories should be named
man/man1 (not man/1) etc. and are going to change that in upcoming v4.1.

The patch at hand fixes the issue for v4.0.0 and v4.0.1 (the current
latest release). Are those worth catering for, I don't know. Up to you.

Actually using the feature would be really nice to avoid doing it
manually in the makefile, but then that would require Sphinx v3.3 and
having to take into account the directory name change in v4.1.



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