Re: Help with sending mail from notmuch-emacs

Subject: Re: Help with sending mail from notmuch-emacs

Date: Mon, 09 May 2022 19:13:31 -0300

To: hgv,


From: David Bremner

hgv <> writes:

> 1. Mail gets sent but doesn't save in the correct directory via FCC. I
> use msmtpq as my sending program. Upon sending, I receive this
> message: "message-send-mail-with-sendmail: Sending...failed to mail
> for [ -oi -f -t ] : send was successful;" The mail is
> sent but is not saved in the fcc dir nor entered into the notmuch
> database. I have enabled emacs debugger (on entry with different
> functions related to sending) and stepped through the process but
> didn't see any pertinent information in the messages. My fcc line
> reads `(setq notmuch-fcc-dirs "fastmail/Sent +sent +inbox +sent-new")`
> (fuller notmuch-emacs config below). Any guidance on fixing or further
> troubleshooting (what should I look for on debugger) is appreciated.

What is your setting for the variable


It should be t (the default) for that style of notmuch-fcc-dirs setting.

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