Re: [PATCH] test: increase cffi timeout

Subject: Re: [PATCH] test: increase cffi timeout

Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2022 04:37:44 -0300


Cc: Michael J Gruber

From: David Bremner writes:

> From: Michael J Gruber <>
> By default, the test suite uses 2min for other tests and 5s for cffi
> tests. Sporadically, this leads to test failures caused by the timeout
> on slower or loaded test infrastructure (as seen on ppc64le in Fedora's
> infrastructure during branch time).
> Increase the cffi timeout to the same 2m=120s.
> Signed-off-by: Michael J Gruber <>
> ---
> It's the first time I encountered this on Fedora's infrastructure during
> a test build. In any case, having the timeouts similar may make sense in
> general, unless we typically run into them in normal (local) use.

Applied to release and master.

It is still not exactly consistent with the other tests, since the
remaining tests have a 2 minute timeout per test script T*.sh, not per
subtest. The python CFFI tests have timeouts for both.

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