Re: converting from nmh: how to?

Subject: Re: converting from nmh: how to?

Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2022 21:11:20 -0400

To: Greg Minshall


From: David Bremner

Greg Minshall <> writes:

> David,
>> notmuch tag -inbox '*'
>> notmuch tag +inbox path:relative/path/to/inbox/folder
> also, thanks.  i need to spend more time with =man
> notmuch-search-terms=.
>> you may want to use "notmuch dump > backup.tags" before some bold
>> experiments.
> a question: i'm still starting, experimenting, and i assume at some
> point i will throw my accumulated notmuch database away, and do a "new"
> to re-build from scratch.  given that, are there any dangers i should
> worry about while experimenting boldly?

Not that I can think of. But it's nice if throwing everything away is a
choice, rather than something forced upon you.

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