Re: [PATCH] vim: add per-message tagging

Subject: Re: [PATCH] vim: add per-message tagging

Date: Thu, 25 May 2023 07:18:05 -0300

To: Felipe Contreras,


From: David Bremner

Felipe Contreras <> writes:

> Also map space to mark a message as read and archived.

Is this a change that would make sense by itself? If so I think it would
be better as a separate commit, especially since I use "git shortlog" to
make up release notes.

> +function! s:show_message_tag(intags)
> +	if empty(a:intags)
> +		let tags = input('tags: ')
> +	else
> +		let tags = a:intags
> +	endif
> +	ruby do_tag('id:' + get_message.message_id, VIM::evaluate('l:tags'))
> +  call s:show_next_msg()
> +endfunction
> +

As we discussed, I can't meaningfully review the vimscript parts (and
nobody else seems interested / willing). I've (re?)  enabled push access
for you at

For now the access is to everything under vim/. We can discuss direct
access for the ruby bindings later.  It's the first time I've used this
feature of gitolite, so if you can't get it to work let me know, either
by email or (perhaps more efficiently) by IRC on
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