Re: [PATCH] NEWS, python: add --libnotmuch-dir option to " install"

Subject: Re: [PATCH] NEWS, python: add --libnotmuch-dir option to " install"

Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2016 18:31:15 +0200

To: Daniel Lee Harple,


From: David Bremner

Daniel Lee Harple <> writes:

> This change fixes the python bindings on OS X 10.11, which introduced a
> feature called System Integrity Protection. The /usr/bin/python
> executable has the "restricted" flag set, which means dlopen() requires
> an absolute path to the library that is to be loaded.

Thanks for the patch. I'll let Justus (in copy) decide what the best way
to deal with this issue is.

I just wanted to point both of you (as an example) to commit


Which avoids re-computing the name of the shared library in the ruby
bindings build system since it is already computed by the notmuch
configure script. If possibly, I'd like to centralize these
computations, so that we don't have to litter the entire source with
various "if Darwin then blah" choices. And obviously it's better not to
have update many places every time MacOS changes it's mind.

I guess some people might like to build the bindings outside the notmuch
source tree (via pypi or whatever). That's not a case I personally want
to support, but I defer to Justus.