Re: Fetching from the git repositories over https?

Subject: Re: Fetching from the git repositories over https?

Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2018 19:11:12 -0800

To: Adam Plaice,


From: Carl Worth

On Sun, Jan 28 2018, Adam Plaice wrote:
> I apologise if I'm asking in the wrong place.

Not at all. This is the right place.

> Is it possible to clone/fetch from the notmuch git repositories
> (particularly over https
> rather than with the `git://' protocol?  (None of the likely
> alternatives seem to work.)

It wasn't possible when you asked, but I just configured this, and it
seems to work.

Specifically, I have tested that I can point my browser at:

to see the gitweb view of the git history on the web, and I can also use
that same URL for a git clone:

        git clone

and that works.

I also verified that I a "git push" from such a clone results in a 403
error as desired.

So give that a try, and anyone, let me know if you see anything that I
may have broken or setup incorrectly.

Also, I haven't yet updated any documentation to point to this new
mechanism, so that's something that could still be done.

> Thank you for your time and thank you for notmuch,

You're quite welcome. And thank you for your contribution!

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