Re: revisiting Autocrypt in notmuch, MVP

Subject: Re: revisiting Autocrypt in notmuch, MVP

Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2024 10:40:35 +0100

To: Steven Allen, Antoine Beaupré, Notmuch list


From: Sandra Snan

Steven Allen <> writes:

> There's actually a pretty decent autocrypt package[1] for Emacs, 
> only lacking notmuch integration. But writing that based on the 
> mu4e integration should be pretty trivial. 
> [1]: 

I've been working on that actually so check out that project's 
mailing lists for the patches I've been sending. I've been seeing 
some weird behavior when testing and I wanna iron out all the 
kinks before we merge it, but patches-to-my-patches in that regard 
are more than welcome.♥︎

There are some huge differences between notmuch and mu4e with 
regards to the timing of message access and hooks. Please check 
the commit history of my patches on pkal's mailing list, or get my 
dev repo at

git clone

I think my code here is solid and my remaining issues (I've been 
seeing incompabilities with Delta Chat) are with the autocrypt 
library and not with my interface code, but, more eyes would be 

Note that since autocrypt aspires to become an ELPA project you need FSF
assignment forms to work on it.
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