Release process for 0.32

Subject: Release process for 0.32

Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 09:28:42 -0300


Cc: Floris Bruynooghe, Jonas Bernoulli

From: David Bremner

Now that the config changes have landed, it is time to consider a
release. I have the following schedule in mind:

         April 24: Feature Freeze.

         May 1: Release.

In a perfect world, the notmuch2 python bindings would be updated before
the release, but since the new API is upward compatible (and old API is
still there), I don't think this a blocker.

Typically we have a push for NEWS items after the feature freeze, but
nothing prevents getting started with some of the larger changes. I
think Jonas and I are responsible for the most of the churn in the
source. Jonas, I know a lot of what you contributed is not user visible,
but a patch for NEWS listing some of the user visible changes
(particularly things like dropped variables and functions) would be
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