notmuch-tag-jump for multiple threads

Subject: notmuch-tag-jump for multiple threads

Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2019 14:04:14 +0200



From: Sebastian Poeplau

Hi all,

I'm wondering which workflow people use for this situation that comes up
frequently for me: I have a search that gives me a bunch of threads, say
new messages from a mailing list, and then I go over them, possibly
reading some threads in detail and skipping over others. Afterwards, I
would like to apply some tag changes to all threads, like "-unread" or
"+archived". So far, the two ways I've found to do so in the search view
are '*' (`notmuch-search-tag-all') and typing the tag change in the
completing read, or marking the entire buffer followed by 'k'
(`notmuch-tag-jump') and the shortcut for my change. It feels as if
something like 'K' would be nice, offering the same jump menu like 'k'
but applying the change to all displayed messages.

What is your take? Do you ever encounter the same situation? I would
give the implementation a try but wanted to make sure first that I'm not
missing anything.

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