Re: Mark Emacs as prerequisite for tests which require it

Subject: Re: Mark Emacs as prerequisite for tests which require it

Date: Mon, 02 Aug 2021 15:02:06 -0300

To: Milton Vandersloot,


From: David Bremner

Milton Vandersloot <> writes:

> Dear notmuch developers
> The notmuch test suite depends on some external dependencies to finish successfully (i.e. no failures but maybe some skips), one of them being Emacs.
> As I had no Emacs installed, I discovered that some tests fail and do not state properly that Emacs is needed for them.
> Below are small sed commands (was easier this way) which put the "test_require_external_prereq emacs" to the missing places.
> For some tests (those which test Emacs capabilities) it is clear that Emacs is a necessity, some tests in particular the crypto tests (T350, T355, T357) do require Emacs only for generating a initial mail to index/test on. Here it would in my opinion be better to find an alternative way of producing that e-mail so these tests can be run without Emacs (That would reduce the long list of test names below tremendously). A promising approach would be using the same idea as the last tests in, they use "add_email_corpus crypto" for (what seems to me) populating the mail archive.

I think this is now handled by the commits following cd9ec20a49, which
will be in the next release of notmuch.
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