Re: Multiple header sources for an index.header query prefix?

Subject: Re: Multiple header sources for an index.header query prefix?

Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2021 12:27:24 -0700

To: Keith Amidon,


From: David Bremner

Keith Amidon <> writes:

>>> I started thinking about how I would add this feature and was thinking
>>> it might be better to support in the configuration by using semi-colon
>>> separated values like some of the other config options. For example:
>>> [index]
>>> header.Spam=X-Spam;X-Spam-Result
> Thanks for the encouragement and suggestions. The time it has taken me 
> to respond to this thread is a fairly accurate indication of the amount 
> of time I have to work on this right now, but it is something that I'd 
> definitely would find useful so I'll plug away on it when I can make 
> time and update the list when I hopefully get something working.

I should repeat my advertising for the (in-progress) s-expression query
parser [1], which would allow defining macros to group various user
defined headers. So assuming headers XSpam and XSpamResult are defined,

$ notmuch config set squery.Spam '(macro (term) (or (XSpam term) (XSpamResult term)))'
$ notmuch search --query=sexp '(Spam "foo bar baz")'

If that seems workable for you, you could just wait ;).


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