release 0.25 timeline

Subject: release 0.25 timeline

Date: Sat, 01 Jul 2017 12:56:25 -0300



From: David Bremner

We have enough new changes on master for a new release, and it always
seems to motivate people a bit to look at patches. In honor of my plans
to spend a few weeks in Montreal, the release schedule will be
both relaxed and French-themed:

- feature freeze: July 14 (Bastille day)
- release July 24 (St. Jean Baptiste day)

As always, feel free to tag patches with notmuch::0.25 in nmbug and/or
ping me on IRC about things to include

There are two big series outstanding from my point of view: gmime-3.0
compatibility and indexing all copies of a message. I'm open to
including this, if they get some review, but I don't think I will push
them without more feedback.

We can worry about NEWS patches during the feature freeze, but in case
you want to get started, here is an edited output of git shortlog. It's
cool to see new (and old) names here.

Damien Cassou (2):
      Add Emacs' imenu support in notmuch-show and notmuch-search
      Add indentation to imenu in notmuch-show

David Bremner (45):
      lib: add known broken test for parsing bad dates.
      lib: clamp return value of g_mime_utils_header_decode_date to >=0
      perf-test: use 'eval' in memory_run
      perf-test: add simple memory tests for notmuch-show
      perf-test/mem: add simple memory tests for notmuch search
      rename libutil.a to libnotmuch_util.a
      lib: bump SONAME to libnotmuch5
      lib: replace n_query_search_threads with status returning version
      lib: replace deprecated n_q_search_messages with status returning version
      lib: replace deprecated n_q_count_messages with status returning version
      lib: replace deprecated n_q_count_threads with status returning version
      lib: make notmuch_query_add_tag_exclude return a status value
      configure: change default bash completion location to /usr/share
      test: add known broken test for dump header
      test: standardize argument order to test_expect_equal_file
      test: remove debugging "output"
      test: add 'lkml' corpus
      emacs/notmuch.el: don't use 'function' as variable name.
      test: add known broken test for indexing html
      lib: Add regexp searching for mid: prefix
      lib: Add regexp expansion for for tags and paths
      util: convenience function to create gmime stream for stdout
      cli/reply: direct all output for text format to gmime stream
      cli/show: use single stream for printf / gmime object output
      perf-test: add memory test for reply
      cli/reply: fix two memory leaks, document a third
      test/thread-naming: remove excess escaping from sender address.
      configure: add optional support for gmime-3.0
      test: define GMime version dependant breakage
      lib/index: generalize name of indexing filter
      lib/index: separate state table definition from scanner.
      lib/ generalize filter state machine
      lib/index: add simple html filter

Fredrik Fornwall (1):
      Replace index(3) with strchr(3)

Gaute Hope (2):
      bindings/python: add bindings for notmuch_database_get_revision
      bindings/python: test python Database.get_revision ()

Jani Nikula (25):
      test: print test description also for failing known broken tests
      test: suppress diff for broken test without V=1
      test: remove unused regexp convenience variables
      test: remove unused filter functions
      test: remove unused test_external and test_external_without_stderr
      test: remove unused and no-op --long-tests parameter
      test: only accept short and long options, not silly in-betweens
      test: ensure test_begin_subtest has been called before test_expect_*
      test: drop the implicit prereq check mechanism from test_expect_*
      test: require test_begin_subtest before test_expect_success
      test: require test_begin_subtest before test_expect_code
      cli/show: detangle overloading of params.part for single message display
      cli/show: remove unused raw member from show parameters struct
      cli/show: consistently use format_sel for checking the format
      cli/show: use a table for choosing the formatter
      cli/show: rename format_sel to simply format
      cli/show: group --entire-thread option handling into one place
      cli/show: move formatter structs closer to where they're needed
      cli: simplify mime node walk
      cli: do not initialize zero values with designated initializers
      lib/database: reduce try block scope to things that really need it
      build: do not export compat functions from lib
      compat: don't include compat.h from the feature test source
      build: switch to hiding libnotmuch symbols by default
      build: visibility=default for library structs is no longer needed

John Byrnes (1):
      emacs: use epg-gpg-program

Mikhail (1):
      tests: add compatibility layer

Piotr Trojanek (5):
      minor whitespace cleanups
      fix leaks due to missing invocations of va_end
      remove ineffective assignments
      fix wrong printf formatting of signed/unsigned integers
      remove extra space in Emacs prompt

Tom Hinton (1):
      Fix minor mistake where indentation width is ignored

Tomi Ollila (12):
      configure: removed $zlib_(cflags|ldflags) from compat code build
      support make goals after initial {'', dist, data}clean goal(s)
      test: improve exit probability on failure
      configure: add ${NOTMUCH_SRCDIR} -- absolute path to notmuch source
      fix out of tree build
      fix out of tree tests
      test-databases: use wget or curl to download test databases
      configure: Be more verbose when compiler sanity checks fail
      Makefile.local: have all files in release tarball be owned by root add "atexit" functionality
      exit lingering gpg agents at the end of relevant tests
      emacs: with prefix argument, notmuch-show-stash-date stashes timestamp

Ɓukasz Stelmach (1):
      cli/new: Avoid printing "\033[K" to non-terminal output

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