Re: feature request: fetch missing keys in the background

Subject:Re: feature request: fetch missing keys in the background

Date:Tue, 04 Sep 2018 10:12:00 -0400

To:David Edmondson ,


From:Antoine Beaupré

On 2018-09-04 14:39:57, David Edmondson wrote:
> On Tuesday, 2018-09-04 at 09:34:02 -04, Antoine Beaupré wrote:
>> On 2018-09-04 14:32:16, David Edmondson wrote:
>>> On Monday, 2018-09-03 at 15:49:09 -04, Antoine Beaupré wrote:
>>>> That's great! It's basically what I was looking for, but unfortunately
>>>> it does not work here. I am not sure why, but it never actually updates
>>>> the widget, even if I do not move the point.
>>> That's odd. Forcing the connection type to 'pipe improves things on
>>> macOS, but I figured that you were using Linux.
>>> Could you test the patch that I posted and see if it works better?
>> Err... That *was* with the new patch in
>> Did i miss something?
> I just sent another set.

Ah yes, in another thread.. I'm not on the list so I missed that,
sorry. :)

So I tried that and it works, if I really don't touch anything. It's
certainly an improvement over the previous behavior. Once the "message"
is gone (ie. as soon as anything else is done in Emacs), it's a little
hard to figure out what is happening without going through the status

Maybe that's fine, but it would be nice if the button would immediately
update with that status. For example, the text could change to
"... updating" or something. Of course, we're back to the same place
that it can't be updated without shuffling the buffer around if the
point moved, but at least the UI would "remember" there was some change
in the status (it's not just "Failure" but "We're working on it").

I also quite like the changes to the *..-gpg-out* buffer: it's a little
more readable than it was before.

Anyways, as is, I think it's a great improvement already and would
recommend this for merging.


PS: As it turns out, I had a lot of trouble importing those patches. I
tried first to download the 2018 archive from here:

I tried converting this to a maildir and move it to ~/Maildir/.notmuch/
with spwhitton's mailscripts:

    mbox2maildir notmuch-2018.txt notmuch-2018
    mdmv notmuch-2018/*/* ~/Maildir/.notmuch/
    notmuch new

But the last command did not find any new messages, which left me quite
puzzled. The same thing occured with the full archive at:

So I am not sure what I was doing wrong there... I ended up using mutt
(bleeergh! ;)) to extract the patchset...

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