Re: Thanks for notmuch-lore

Subject: Re: Thanks for notmuch-lore

Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2022 10:00:54 -0700

To: Kyle Meyer

Cc: Tobias Waldekranz,

From: Carl Worth

On Tue, Mar 22 2022, Kyle Meyer wrote:
> I may be missing something (I didn't know about notmuch-lore before
> seeing it mentioned here), but it looks like the initialization step of
> notmuch-lore's pre-new handles that already.  You just need to set
> `since` far enough back:

Hmm... I did see the "since" parameter and cranked it back.

It didn't seem to do what I wanted, but it's possible the bug is only
with multi-epoch archives, (I was trying to bring in LKML).

From poking at it, it looked like it did perform a "deepening" operation
using the "since" parameter after the initial clone, but then didn't use
anything older than the most-recent upstream commit for the range of
commits from which to get messages out.

But my examination of the code and behavior was very cursory, I admit.

> Also, just to list some other options in this space, l2md and impibe are
> mentioned at <> as tools for
> converting public-inbox archives into maildir format.  (I haven't used
> either myself.)

Thanks! I clearly didn't look quite hard enough. I appreciate the

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